B02 Cisco uBR10012 CMTS: D3.0 20DSx20US MC20X20V-20D + 4 Hrs Support

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 Detailed Description

This listing is for a Cablesight-certified, fully tested Cisco uBR10012 system (fully changeable as per your needs):     

Qty Part Number Description / Notes
1x UBR10012 CMTS Chassis (8 RF card + 4 WAN + 2 Timing Card + 2 PRE slots, Fan Slot)
1x UBR10-FAN-ASSY Fan Assembly for the UBR10012
1x UBR10-CHAS-COVER Front cover for UBR10012 CMTS Chassis
1x UBR10-PWR-AC uBR10012 AC Power Supply, 2400W or 3000W maximum power consumption
2x ESR-PRE4 10000 Series Performance Routing Engine 4
2x UBR10-DTCC REV 02 DOCSIS Timing, Communication, and Control Card + DTI Client, Upgraded to Rev 02
1x MC-20X20V-20D MC-20X20V-20D DOCSIS 3.0 Broadband Processing Engine w/ 20 DS x 20 US LICENSES
1x CAB-RFSW520QTIMF2   Cable bundle MC-20X20V Card (25 McX in 3x UCH-2 to 25 RF connectors)
1x HH-CARRIER Carrier for HH-1GE Modules
2x HH-1GE 1-Port One Gigabit Ethernet Shared Port Adapter
1x Free Console Cable
Cisco Console Cable (blue)
5x Free D3.0 Modems
Technicolor TC4310 D3.0 16x4 Data Modem, New
4x Free Support Hours Engineering Technical Support / Assistance with Setup and Troubleshooting
1x Free RF Splitters 2x Cisco 8 Way Splitters, 10x BGI 2-Way Splitters, 10x BGI 3-Way Splitters, 10x BGI 4-Way Splitters
CMTS Specifications and Capacity for Above Configuration
CMTS: 20 Downstream Channels (Bandwidth Capacity 800 Mbps)  x 20 Upstream Channels   

Channel Bonding Supported:  4, 8 and 16  (24 and 32-channel bonding require PRE5 / 3GX60V and TC1000)

Purchaser may pick up palletized order from our shipping dock or we can ship worldwide (please contact us for shipping options).  All equipment comes with a standard one-year warranty. Additional options available upon request.  The above configuration can be modified to fit your needs.  Please contact us to quote any changes you wish to make.

Engineering Support and Other Services

Four hours of engineering support are included and additional engineering support may be purchased to assist with set up or troubleshooting problems - remotely or onsite.  We can also assist with new construction system design or a rebuild of an existing system.  Additionally, we license the DOXcontrol provisioning and RF management system and can help with the networking design and creation of modem configuration profiles.

Our Testing Procedures

We test each CMTS system extensively in our DOCSIS test labs.  This includes running the system in a live environment with cable modems and CPE devices capable of surfing the Internet.


  • Each component board is visually inspected 
  • Any needed repairs are performed prior to system testing in the lab
  • We check each port and measure signal levels and signal quality
  • We check downstream, upstream, SNR levels plus MER/BER & Constellations
  • We connect cable modems and test throughput and connectivity on a live system
  • We verify channel bonding capabilities and DS and US SNR and power levels
  • We check all Ethernet, SFP / XFP and other peripherals
  • We check the power supplies and ensure they meet the manufacturer's specs
  • We can optionally leave our lab configuration on the unit and assign your preferred downstream and upstream frequencies - saving you time
  • Once the unit is 100% passing, we carefully package the order for shipping




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Additional Information

Docsis Standard:
Docsis 3.0
Downstream Channels:
Upstream Channels:
Cisco RF Type:
edgeQAM Type:
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