SB5802V QLogic SANbox 5802V Fibre Channel Switch 8-8Gb Device Ports 4-10Gb Ports

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  • SB5802V QLogic SANbox 5802V Fibre Channel Switch 8-8Gb Device Ports 4-10Gb Ports
  • SB5802V QLogic SANbox 5802V Fibre Channel Switch 8-8Gb Device Ports 4-10Gb Ports
  • SB5802V QLogic SANbox 5802V Fibre Channel Switch 8-8Gb Device Ports 4-10Gb Ports
  • SB5802V QLogic SANbox 5802V Fibre Channel Switch 8-8Gb Device Ports 4-10Gb Ports


This listing is for a new Q-Logic Sanbox 5803V Fibre Channel Switch in excellent, perfect condition. 

The Q-Logic SANbox 5802V 20-Port 8 GB Fiber Channel Stack Switch is a dual power unit including eight 8 GB active device ports which are expandable to twenty ports and four 10 GB stacking active ports that are upgradeable to 20 GB speed. The dual speed Q-Logic SANbox 5802V provides superior performance at a price per port that is competitive with single speed, nonstacking edge switches. The 5802V's network requires up to 50 percent fewer switches to achieve the same device port counts and because each stacking port matches the throughput of three device ports, Q-Logic ISL connections are far less expensive per unit of bandwidth.


Next Generation Stacking
The SANbox 5802V lets you connect 8 GB, 4 GB or 2 GB devices to a SAN for about the same cost as competing 4 GB-only solutions. Unlike other solutions, the 5802V can phase bandwidth provisioning incrementally within your ISL fabric which is the most performance critical area of the SAN.
Start with "Always On" 10 GB ISLs
Each SANbox 5802V ships with all four 10 GB stacking ports active by default. At their default 10 GB setting, the four stacking ports provide over 50 GB additional bandwidth per switch which is the equivalent of six extra 8 GB ports. 10 GB ISL speed provides more than enough bandwidth for customers in the early stages of their 8 GB migration, when many switch ports will still be attached to 4 GB storage and other legacy devices.
20 GB Bandwidth On-Demand
When a majority of SANbox device ports are eventually connected to actual 8 GB devices, additional inter-switch bandwidth may be desired. At that point, customers may non-disruptively upgrade the ISL ports on one or more switches to 20 GB, extending the stability, cost savings and performance benefits. IT managers now have all the network headroom they need to deploy new applications and technologies with confidence. Since 20 GB uses the same cables/connectors as 10 GB, customers can upgrade their entire SAN at the click of a mouse - without touching a cable or purchasing any new hardware.
Installation and Configuration Wizards
From basic switch setup to advanced zoning and extended distance configuration, the SANbox 5802V has automated routines to make deployment a snap. Installation is a 3 step point-and-click process. Self-configuring switch ports automatically adjust to 8 GB, 4 GB or 2 GB device speeds.
On-Board Graphical User Interface
There is no software required to load. You just need to point a web browser at any switch and manage the entire fabric from that location. No matter what your level of expertise, the web-based QuickTools interface has all you need for basic fabric management. For advanced administration of larger SANs, the optional Enterprise Fabric Suite application provides an unprecedented level of intuitive granular control.
Stack Management
With Enterprise Fabric Suite, users can manage stacks of 5000 series products as a single device, loading firmware, applying security configuration changes or handling user and Simple Network Management Protocol administration for up to six switches simultaneously.
Full Bandwidth Architecture
The SANbox 5802V provides uncontested, wire speed bandwidth at every port which is a total of 544 Gb/s per switch. The dedicated 10 GB/20 GB ISL transport makes it easy to create non-blocking multi-switch configurations. ISL capacity expands automatically as device port count grows, ensuring a consistent user experience over time.
Adaptive Trunking
No extra cost or complicated license schemes involved. Q-Logic Adaptive Trunking optimizes ISL use and performance by pooling the capacity of multiple 20 GB, 10 GB or 8 GB links into a single high-speed pipeline. Trunks are automatically invoked as needed, eliminating the need for manual configuration. Unlike other trunking implementations, trunked ports do not need to be sequential and may even be spread across multiple switches. Switch-on-exchange design supports Intelligent Path Selection, Fabric-Shortest-Path-First and Virtual Trunking.
Embedded Java web applet for device discovery, device management, zoning and fabric management. QuickTools includes a configuration wizard and Q-Logic Drag-and-Drop zoning which is the industry's most intuitive zoning method.
Fabric Security
Provides the right mix of advanced protection features for user, connection and device security. This includes support for RADIUS authentication, Secure Shell and Secure Socket Layer encryption. Device connection security uses Fiber Channel Security Protocol, DH-CHAP and FC-GS-4 CT.


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