Pico MiniCMTS200a Mini CMTS 200a D3.0 16x4 + DOXcontrol Provisioner + Install

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  • Pico MiniCMTS200a Mini CMTS 200a D3.0 16x4 + DOXcontrol Provisioner + Install
  • Pico MiniCMTS200a Mini CMTS 200a D3.0 16x4 + DOXcontrol Provisioner + Install
  • Pico MiniCMTS200a Mini CMTS 200a D3.0 16x4 + DOXcontrol Provisioner + Install



This is a listing includes three things designed to provide you with as close to "Plug N Play" installation:

1. A new Pico Broadband MiniCMTS200a DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS (16x4), 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

2. A 60 day trial license Elite 
DOXcontrol CORE license (this is a necessary component to provision cable modems)

3. Up to 4 hours of remote engineering time (enough to set up most systems). Additional time is $100/hr.
    Note:  This includes installation of the Windows server (you provide), software, CMTS & creation of the cable modem config files.
    Note:  Windows server can be any PC running Windows XP, 7, Server 2003/2008/2012 with at least 4 GB RAM and 2 ethernet ports

To watch a video demo, click HERE 

PICO MiniCMTS200a Summary Overview

  • Optimized for smaller cable operators
  • Supports up to 400 DOCSIS 2.0 cable modems or 250 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems
  • Offers 16 downstream bonded channels
  • Provides high-speed data delivery: 800 Mbps downstream and 120 Mbps upstream
  • Features an intuitive web interface for simple configuration, management, and debugging


QAM Modulation Mode Annex A, B
QAM Modulation 64 QAM, 256 QAM
Data Rate 36 Mbps @ 64 QAM, 50 Mbps @ 256 QAM
Downstream Channel Quantity 16 channel
Downstream Max Speed 800 Mpbs
Frequency Range 87 MHz - 1000 MHz
Channel Bandwidth 8 MHz/6 MHz
Output Power 49 dBmV (8 channel)
45 dBmV (16 channel)
Power Adjusted Range Adjusted 25 dB, step size 0.5 dB
Pre-equalized MER 42 dB
Upstream Modulation QFSK. 16 QAM, 64 QAM
Data Rate 30Mbps@64 QAM(6.4MHz)
Upstream Channel Quantity 4 channel
Upstream Max Rate 120 Mbps
Input Frequency Range 5 MHz - 65 MHz
Input Level Range Bandwidth Bandwidth 6.4 MHz, - 7 dBmV - 23 dBmV
Bandwidth 3.2 MHz, -10 dBmV - 20 dBmV
Bandwidth 16 MHz, -13 dBmV - 17 dBmV
RF IN Connector (Upstream) (1) F connector, 75 Ω
RF OUT Connector (Downstream) (1) F connector, 75 Ω
Port Insert Loss < 4 dB
Port Reflect Loss < -12 dB
SPEC Values & Settings
Net Port Rate 10/100/1000 Mbps
Net Port Type Managed connector, 1 RJ45 Data connector, 1 SFP and 1 RJ45
Command Line Interface (CLI) RS232 serial port 
Telnet or SSH
Max Cable Modem Amount 400 DOCSIS 2.0
400 (max. 250 DOCSIS 3.0 + 150 DOCSIS 2.0)
Dymamic Load Balanced Supported
DHCP Relay Supported
Temperature -10 ° C to + 50 ° C
Humidity 10% - 90%
Power <35W(Without optical receiver),
<45W(With optical receiver)
Power supply 220 V/110 V
Dimension 19"(L) x 16"(D) x 1.7" (H)

DOXcontrol CORE is a powerful CMTS management and cable modem provisioning software system.  It includes everything necessary to be able to provision DOCSIS cable modems (activate or de-activate and set and control their 
downstream and upstream speeds).  It comes with an integrated IPv4 DHCP, TFTP and TOD server and works with any CableLabs certified DOCSIS (or EuroDOCSIS) CMTS.  Compatible with all Pico, ARRIS/Nortel, Cisco, Motorola/RiverDelta, CASA, Terayon and Bigband/CUDA CMTS systems. 
The monthly license rate depends on the plan selected (but ranges from $.55 to $1.50/modem) + $60/Server.  This includes free upgrades to the software and access to advanced technical support services.  Most DOCSIS engineering support is provided remotely, but we can offer on-site installation, setup and training as well.  It features a very user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) and a demo video can be seen at HERE 

Please note:  Other licensing plans are available, which have different upfront costs and monthly rates.   We can offer custom plans for very small or very large cable systems.

Remote Installation anywhere in the world.  Please contact us with any questions or do schedule a time to discuss this further.


We have been in the cable and broadband business for over 20 years with deep expertise in RF and DOCSIS technology. We buy, repair, and sell quality new and refurbished equipment. We also specialize in the deployment of high-speed internet access in cable TV systems, hotels, and other multi-dwelling properties. We strive to offer value to our customers big and small and to deliver excellent customer service.
Contact us with any questions.


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